Poll, Newsletter, Emailing

Our Marketing Offers: Polls, Newsletter, & Emailing

If the customer does not come to you, go to him! Marketing involves more than just having a business website. To make the most out of your website, you need to send more people to your site. It will increase the exposure of your services and products, and it will increase the number of visits that will help your SEO rankings.

Is the customer always right? And ask him what he thinks! We offer you today the possibility of conducting a survey with your customers or prospects, in order to know their tastes, their preferences, etc …This will help you gather valuable information that can be used to develop new, more competitive business strategies.

This module will allow your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. You will collect their contact details (email, phone number …), which will allow you to notify them of your promotions, events, important information, via a group mail.

You will have the possibility in our service of Emailing, to send in a targeted way mass emails.

Email Marketing Design

Sending e-newsletters and email marketing is an inexpensive option to send people to your website and reach out to your potential and current clients on a regular basis. It is less expensive than printing newsletters or sending by direct mail, plus the delivery time is shorter. Plus, e-newsletters are better for our environment!

We start off by setting up an email marketing account with a third party, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact and help prepare your contact list. Then, we design you a custom template for your MailChimp or Constant Contact account that matches your branding so you can send e-newsletters on your own, or, we can take care of that part for you as well!

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